Thursday, October 18, 2007

Music Business: How to Make Money as a Music Producer

JaWar, Award winning author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series interviews DJ Brad, music producer & DJ for the L.O.D. (Legion of Doom) DJs. Brad talks about how to make money as an aspiring and independent music producer. He gives details on good business and bad business practices for producers servicing independent recording artist and record labels.

This music business video interview with DJ Brad of the L.O.D. is a must view for music producers, songwriters, recording artist, garage bands and record labels alike. How to make money as a music producer? For other music business videos, interviews and links to download to your hard drive click here.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Music Business: Surviving without a Major Record Label

Fred Davis -entertainment lawyer talks about how technology has created a new music business model. He also speaks on the various revenue streams that are now available to recording artist, garage bands and music publishers through a number online services. This video may be downloaded to your hard drive for viewing later.

For a list of of 80 digital distribution companies to sell your music online, download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Book by clicking here.