Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get Music Money: Pick Up the Pennies Video by JaWar

In the entertaining and funny music business video below, JaWar tells how picking up pennies may help you get the money you need to market and promote your music, help fund your retirement and ensure you're never without money. If it does take money to make money (which isn't true) then start by picking up the pennies. Then make money online for residual/passive income. Having multiple streams of revenue ensures your household is never in a recession.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Music Business: Creating Wealth Video by JaWar

JaWar, Motivational Speaker and Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series talks about the need to create wealth from the money that you generate in the music business. He briefly reads from the Creating Wealth Section found in the Atlanta Music Industry Connection Book.

Money continues to be generated using a number of different avenues in the music business. To ensure you maximize your earning potential as a music business professional learn to make money online and you may earn for a lifetime. There are other videos, resources and links to help you get other details on how you may make money on the Internet. Investigate many of them and you may uncover a number of jewels to help in your journey of success.