Monday, February 18, 2008

Make Money on Myspace

SESAC -performing rights organization in the U.S. has a relationship with Myspace wherein whenever one of their members songs are played in someone else's Myspace Music Player their member receives a royalty.

Here's How It Works:

Kim is a singer/songwriter and has hear songs available for download in her Myspace Music Player. Barry downloads (transfers) Kim's song into his Myspace Music Player. Whenever someone plays Kim's song from Barry's Myspace Music Player, Kim is due a performance royalty from SESAC. Myspace pays SESAC a licensing fee and SESAC pays that money or a portion of that money to its' songwriter, music composer (producer) and music publishing members.

The really cool thing about this situation is you don't have to be signed to a major record label, publishing company or have major distribution. You do have to be a member of SESAC, complete the necessary paperwork, have a Myspace Profile (page) and market and promote your music online.

For details on a performance rights organization download the:
The money you get may be small at first, but remember the concept of picking up the pennies and you could build a stable sum of money over the years.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music Producer Teddy Riley May Be Broke

The Virginian-Pilot newspaper is reporting that famed producer Teddy Riley has fallen on hard times and is selling his Virginia Beach recording studio to help get himself out of debt.

According to the newspaper, the architect of New Jack Swing owes $1 million to several creditors and is hoping money from the sale of his Future Records Recording Studio will satisfy the bill. But that's not likely to happen.

The one-story building was considered state-of-the-art when Riley purchased it for $3 million in 1991, but the equipment is now thought to be out of date. The house was reportedly assessed at only $460,000. Click here to read full article.

Ensure you don't fall on hard financial times by doing the following:
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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Music Business Make Money Video

Jazzy Jeff talks about the reality of making money in the Music Business. In order to maximize your earning potential as an independent recording artist or garage band you'll want to know how to make money online at a music conference and music showcase. The Truth Book by JaWar gives practical details on how to maximize your music conference and music showcase experience that may enable you to make money in the music business as an independent.