Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Music Money Resources

  • Do you need a good word to help you get focused and stay focused so you may achieve your goals and realize your potential? Download and listen the Motivational Music Radio.COM.
  • Do you need a list of music conferences for this and next year? Download and read the Truth about Music Conferences. Inside the truth you'll find the full Get Cash Campaign for the music industry.
  • Are you looking to have real A&R's listen to your music and give you honest feedback. Visit today?
  • Have you heard how people get into bad situations in the music business? We call this Industry Pimping.
  • Are you a new music producer in the music business and want to learn how to make money with your production? Download and read Lease Beats Make Money.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Get Music Money Online

I just got another commission from being an Affiliate of ARMusic. It's not easy, but it does work and it's residual/passive income (money while I sleep).

While online blogging, participating in music forums, discussions and sending emails, I leave my Affiliate Link Code as my signature in emails, music forums and post banners on my blogs and websites, never spamming of course. Essentially, I leave a footprint when online, so when I'm offline my efforts are still working for me.

It seems to be working as I just got another commission from ARMusic.


The A&R LIVE HOOKUP is an exclusive weekly demo review conference call with top music industry executives and attendees from around the world, held by phone and web! Just think of the A&R Live Hookup as a three-way call with some of your friends and a top industry executive on the line to review your music on our website playlist for deal consideration and live feedback on the spot! ARMusic offers a money back guarantee on their service ! This may all be done by the phone, so no travel is required.

There's a lot more information, but I wanted to give you a quick idea for the ARMusic Service, so you know what it's about. For full details click here and become and affiliate.

Here are some ways to market online once you become an affiliate.
  1. Write an article with your affiliate link and post it on
  2. Write an article with your affiliate link and post it on
  3. Start a free blog and post your affiliate link there
  4. Join music marketing forums and include your affiliate link when posting
  5. Include your banner or link with affiliate code in your newsletter
  6. Post a listing on with your affiliate code
  7. Post a banner on your Ning and Myspace Profile
  8. Send a bulletin with your affiliate link to your Music Friends on Myspace
  9. Put up a blog with your affiliate link on your Myspace page
  10. Put up a banner/posting on with your affiliate link
Somehow you found the Get Music Money Blog and with the information you've been provided you're in a unique position to make money online in the music business. Fact is you may reach more emerging recording and performing artists, singers, rappers, producers and songwriters than I can alone.

You now have the information, tools and resources and to market music business related products and services online. Together we may help more people faster while helping ourselves.

This all seems to be working as I just got another commission from ARMusic.



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