Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Pays Songwriters & Music Producers?

The information below is from Allen Johnston -the Music Specialists. Allen has over 30+ years experience in the music business and regularly speaks at music conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. Additionally, he is one of the original featured speakers at the Radio Music Conference. Allen produces a regular email newsletter with vital information and updates on the music business. To join his email list visit

"I have been a member of ALL three societies with multiple publishing houses and one thing I have found to be consistent. You need to make friends at whatever society you join. Your friend can assist you in placing songs, finding work and even helping you license. Unfortunately I have found very few songwriters, producers or artists that take the time to be friends with someone. Most assume that the Performing Rights Society should automactically work for the writer or publisher. Have you noticed that the SESAC people are being called out by name? That is not a mistake, they know there writers, publishers and friends.

All 3 societies pay identical, knowing who signs the checks helps. Knowing how to work the society infrastructure to make yourself stand out in a positive way will greatly increase your revenue stream." Allen Johnston

For additional details on ascap, bmi and sesac download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection by JaWar.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Seed Money for Music Business

Most emerging music labels, recording artists, music managers, songwriters and music producers think that if the only had someone to give them seed money for the music business then their dreams will come to past. It has been my experience that money isn't the driving force, but lack of proper planning and daily execution of that plan.

Write down the following then put the amount of money you spend every month next to them.


Grocery/Food Bill
Car Note
Car Insurance
Fuel Prices
Cable Bill
Phone Bill
Cell Phone
Voice Mail
Cable Bill
Internet Bill
Shopping Clothes
Dry Cleaning
Beauty Shop
Barber Shop
Child Care
Eating Out
Student Loans
Credit Card Payments
Retirement Accounts
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance


JOB -just over broke
Stock Dividends
Business Income
Rental Income

Ask yourself do you need to spend the money you are currently spending on a monthly basis? Perhaps the seed money for your music business that you need may be found in the consumer goods that you spend on a monthly basis. Perhaps if you reduce your consuming spending, pay down your debt and seek other ways to increase your monthly cash flow you'll have greater access to the money you need to get your music business off the ground.

For greater details on money matters download a Music Industry Connection Book and read the Creating Wealth Section. Additionally, the Make Money Online Goldmine Blog has information that may aid you in increasing your monthly income.

The seed money for your music business may be close at hand if only you take a moment to look in house before going to others.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Music Business Movie Money

Are you making music business movie money yet? You should be!
Have you attended any independent film festivals yet? You could
Have you contacted independent film makers on myspace and youtube? You could!

There are a number of revenue streams with music being associated with a film. Some of the potential royalties come from music being used in the film (film scoring) -the amount of money paid depends on the commercial success of the artist prior to the song being used, how much of the song will be used, if the song was previously released and if so what type of commercial success did the song garner, where in the movie will the song be used, will the song be an original composition or that of which was previously released.

Other considerations include if the music is being used in the movie trailer or will the song be a song with lyrics or is it an instrumental.

The PRO's -performance rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) typically don't pay these royalties unless the music is being publicly, broadcast in the case of the movie trailer being played on tv, aired on radio and/or being shown in movie theaters. The good thing is because there are so many ways to get paid that the recording artist, musicians, composers and music publishing companies have a great opportunity to participate in various revenue streams.

For further details I'd suggest contacting Allen Johnston or JaWar for one-on-one consulting/coaching. You'll also want to download the Music Industry Connection Book Series for additional ways to get paid in the music business.

Friday, May 16, 2008

$5,000 Grant Music Promotion Money

Could you use $5,000 to promote your music?
Are you an independent recording artist or label?

The good folks at the Vassall-Gore Law Firm/Entertainment Law told me about this music business promotion grant. I had to pass this music business information along to my readers.

N.Y.L.A. Entertainment Group Announces $5000 in Music Promotion Grants Available to Record Labels and Recording Artists for full details CLICK HERE.

Remember to always triple check information. Vassall-Gore Law nor Music Industry Connection or associated with the contest. This information is provided as a resource for you to explore. You must do your due diligence at all times. Remember to hire a competent entertainment attorney before signing any contracts. Seek out the best possible music consultants and marketing firms to assist you.


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