Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who Pays Songwriters & Music Producers?

The information below is from Allen Johnston -the Music Specialists. Allen has over 30+ years experience in the music business and regularly speaks at music conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. Additionally, he is one of the original featured speakers at the Radio Music Conference. Allen produces a regular email newsletter with vital information and updates on the music business. To join his email list visit

"I have been a member of ALL three societies with multiple publishing houses and one thing I have found to be consistent. You need to make friends at whatever society you join. Your friend can assist you in placing songs, finding work and even helping you license. Unfortunately I have found very few songwriters, producers or artists that take the time to be friends with someone. Most assume that the Performing Rights Society should automactically work for the writer or publisher. Have you noticed that the SESAC people are being called out by name? That is not a mistake, they know there writers, publishers and friends.

All 3 societies pay identical, knowing who signs the checks helps. Knowing how to work the society infrastructure to make yourself stand out in a positive way will greatly increase your revenue stream." Allen Johnston

For additional details on ascap, bmi and sesac download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection by JaWar.