Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get Music Money or Fade Away

While this blog is about getting money in the music business, I wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at thebankinc.blogspot.com. They have a good blog about the music business and a number of links, resources and other practical information to help you advance your music business. Better yet they mix real world experience and everyday commentary in their blog. Give the folks at thebankinc.blogspot.com a visit.

One of the ways to get music money is to increase your network of music industry connections by attending music conferences. If you have never attended a music conference or have not benefited from participating in a music conference I recommend reading the Truth about Record Pools & Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mics Ebook. For a list of other ways to make money online visit the Make Money Online Goldmine Blog.

Get Music Money or Fade Away. How long will you continue to play in the music business? How much longer until you realize that the music business is indeed a business that requires passion, a plan and daily execution? You are the creator of your own reality. Give it all you got and then give it a lot more.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music Publishing-Long Term Money Maker

Music Publishing has been referred to as the goldmine of the music business. Huimusic.com explains in easy to understand terms about what music publishing is and how it works. Anyone serious about making residual/passive income in the music business needs to have a basic understanding of music publishing and how it works.

Songwriters, music producers and composers need to have a working knowledge of copyrights and music publishing to ensure they are in the best position to get paid from their creative work. For more on how to make money with music publishing listen to the interview between JaWar and Terrance Young by clicking here.

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Make Money from Music Publishing

JaWar, Author of the Music Industry Connection Books interviews Terrance Young on how to make money from music publishing. Songwriters, music producers, music composers & music publishers will benefit from this music business video. JaWar's Music Industry Connection Books may be dowloanded at gomusicconnection.com.

Click here do download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebook by JaWar that is next to Terrance Young in the Music Business: How to Make Money with Music Publishing Video. The Los Angles Music Industry Connection Ebook has contact details for ASCAP, BMI & SESAC and information on how to get your federal tax id or ein number.
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