Saturday, April 19, 2008

Get Money for Your Music?

Below is my response to a forum on the Studio Exposed Site asking -How do you get people to buy and listen to your music?

Let's do a quick case study of Hip Hop Music Producers who have name recognition and longevity in the music business.

Dr. Dre, Timbaland(sp), J.D., P. Diddy, etc. have all had 10+ years as music producers. Each of them developed an artist or two. These recording artist helped to showcase the producers talent. The point here is that you may want to find you a new recording artist that you can truly work with and develop. You want to move beyond that of a beat maker to that of a music producer/songwriter.

Next you'll want to start to go the independent route. Given that your artist has start quality and a great sound people will take notice. From there its' only a matter of time before someone says who did the track. That's your opening.

In both the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection and the Atlanta Music Industry Connection Ebooks I give specific examples of how a music producers could market their music and build their brands.

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How Do I Sell My Stuff?

Below is my response to a forum posted on Word on the Streets Magazine called How do I sell My Stuff?

Know that there's a difference between stuff, beats and music production.

Stuff -could be anything that nobody wants.
Beats -don't require a great deal of work and development on your part.
Music Production -Is when you help to develop a sound for an artist & bring the project to life.
  • You copyright all of your music through the U.S. Library of Congress in the U.S. Download the Los Angeles Music Industry Connection EBook for full details.
  • You create great music and a movement. You network at music conferences, music showcases
  • You find those who are in your target market (your buying public) and satisfy their needs and wants.
  • You plant seeds by giving away your music for people to listen to.
  • You produce music for local artist who are performing regularly. -They help promote your music.
  • You read "How a Producer should market their tracks" found in the Atlanta Music Industry Connection Book.

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