Saturday, August 2, 2008

Billion Dollar Music Business Label

Here are some thoughts on what to do with a budget to start a billion dollar music business label.

Hire the best and brightest minds in technology, accounting and legal matters. I'd hire a master mind group of elders who have were cutting edge in their glory days who wanted to give the music business another run. I'd hire a team of young bucks who were futuristic in their thinking. Then we'd search for the best new talent that hasn't been discovered, give a time horizon for grooming them for new millennium stardom.

The rest of the plan requires a retainer (deposit). The plan is laid out and air tight. Additionally, it wouldn't cost a billion to do it. It could be pulled off for about a one ($1,000,000) to three ($3,000,000) million give or take a few pounds. If anyone is interested and has access to the funding please contact me off line.

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